Visual Noise Deduction

What's Important?

The process of Visual Noise Deduction is very subtle and isn't usually recognized right away. With all the information that the brain is processing your constantly assessing potential threats. The brain goes through what is called the Threat NeuroMatrix. This allows your brain to assess if something is going to threaten your existence as a human being. What we're trying to train the neuro system to do is allow the brain to assess threats in your visual system without needing to hone in on unnecessary information.

Baseball and Softball might be the best examples here. Think about everything going on for a batter when they enter the box; crowd, coaches, opposing players, etc. With everything going on, the hitter only really needs to focus in on the ball coming towards them. The elite hitters are able to deduct all the extra sensory information coming their way to the point where they get in a zone and the brain has a laser focus on the ball coming towards them. It's such a gradual process that players don't even realize what they're doing until someone points it out to them.