Visual Acuity

Debunking Myths About VA

When an optometrist talks about seeing 20/20 he is refering to your Visual Acuity (VA). It has long been the belief that Visual Acuity can only be increased with the help of prescription glasses or contact lenses. We can now confidently say that there is another program that can increase an athlete's VA. RevitalVision has been clinically proven to increase a persons Visual Acuity. Being the exclusive distributor of RevitalVision in the United States, it gives us here at Neuro Shield Network, great pride in providing so many athletes an advantage they didn't have before.

We all shoot for 20/20 vision and if you're not an athlete, 20/20 is great. The problem is that the average elite athlete sees the world at 20/15. To put that in context, an athlete with 20/15 vision can see at 20 feet what the average person sees at 15 feet. Taking it a step further, the average NFL Quarterback has 20/12 vision, with the elite QBs coming in at 20/6. Let me repeat that, the elite Quarterbacks of the NFL see objects at 20 feet what the average person can see at 6 feet away! If you're playing sports and come in seeing 20/20 you're already at a disadvantage. What was once considered "perfect vision" is now being exposed as a weakness for athletes.