Hand-Eye Coordination

Neuro Connectors

Seems cut and dry. The coordination from your eyes to your hands, but if we change the way we approach coordination with our athletes to a neurological approach, everything changes. A baby learning how to walk is not coordinated enough because their brain doesn't have the neuro processing tools to keep balance (among other things). Why are some animals able to walk right after birth, but humans take time?

Lacrosse is one of the best examples of Hand-Eye Coordination (HEC). Many elite level lacrosse players will say that the stick is the great equalizer, and it is; I would take it another step further and say HEC is an even greater equalizer. If you've ever thrown a lacrosse ball, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Catching, throwing, running with the ball in a small net makes for amazing Hand-Eye Coordination skills. If we analyze it a step further, the neuro pathways from an athlete's brain to their extremities make this possible. Great coaches teaching younger kids how to play lacrosse focus on HEC drills first and lacrosse second. If you look at the history of the lacrosse, there's no wonder Native Americans used this game as a way to train their warriors before battle. They refer to lacrosse as "The Creator's Game."