Focal Muscle Quickness

Not Always Autonomous

Focal Muscle Quickness sometimes referred to as near/far quickness is the eyes ability to clearly focus on objects at different distances in a rapid amount of time. The interesting part of Focal Muscle Quickness is the fact that it uses so many muscle groups that have often been through of as autonomous. The eyes have to recruit the help of the 6 muscles around the eyes as well as the intricate ciliary body and muscle group through the interior to manipulate the lenses based on whether or not the athlete needs to focus near or far.

Any kind of up close fighting might be the best example of this, think MMA or Boxing. Fighting requires the eyes to work together as well as focus in on the opponent up close and at a distance so you can understand their next move. The best fighters in the world (whether they know it or not) read their opponent up close to see if they have a tell in their facial structure and body language. For years doctors thought the focal muscle movement was solely autonomous, but we've been able to train the eyes so the athlete has control over them and not the other way around.