Decision Making

Multiple Variables Combined

Our ability to make decisions determines the direction of our careers. In the case of athletes, they are making decisions in a fraction of a second. Sports Vision Training gives the athlete the ability to make better decisions in a fraction of a second and not freeze up when particularly stressful situations arise. Given all the different senses the brain is processing, the ability to process all the visual noise and weed out the unnecessary sensory disturbances helps the athlete make better decisions.

Baseball is one of the best examples of Decision Making. A 90MPH fastball takes 0.4 seconds to reach home plate. It takes 0.1 seconds to process an image and 0.15 seconds to swing the bat. Subtract those 2 actions and the batter only has 0.15 seconds to decide whether or not to swing the bat. I'm going to repeat that in case you just skimmed over what was written. THE BATTER ONLY HAS 0.15 SECONDS TO MAKE A DECISION! Our training gives the batter a fighting chance in an already impossible situation.