Contrast Sensitivity Function

Secret to Visual Performance

Contrast Sensitivity (CS) is your brains ability to process an object compared to its immediate surroundings. This part of the visual system is what we call the secret to an athlete's visual performance. Any elite athlete has to have phenomenal Contrast Sensitivity. The hard part about training CS is that the development happens in the brain and not in the eyes. There are very few programs that can actually clinically claim to increase contrast sensitivity. RevitalVision is one of the only programs to be able to make this claim.

Take any sport and your brain has to process a ball, a defense, a shooter and any number of things that happen while playing. Contrast Sensitive is the secret advantage you didn't know you needed. The image here shows the difference between high contrast and low contrast. When an athlete's neuro system is processing in high contrast, they see information faster and have more time to make a decision during the game.