Contrast Sensitivity



Proud to officially say that Neuro Shield Network is a distributor of RevitalVision Sports Vision for the United States. We started using RevitalVision after years of Sports Vision Training and looking for that edge to give our athletes that wasn't readily available. The history of RevitalVision is based around the medical field. It has exclusively been sold to doctors for patients to help recover from eye surgeries or different diseases. When we read about the company and researched the clinical trials and published proof of what RevitalVision actually does, we thought, "Why not try this on athletes who have never had eye surgery or don't have an eye disease?" The results we found were nothing short of amazing!

The increase in Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity have been what we like to call the secret sauce to our Sports Vision program. The nice thing about RevitalVision is the fact that athletes can do the program from the comfort of their own home at their own pace. We can even set up admins to login and monitor their athletes to keep them accountable with the program. This works out nicely for coaches and trainers wanting to make sure their athletes are doing what they say they're doing. The program has been a total game changer in the field of Sports Vision with little to no competition doing exactly what it claims to do on a neuro processing level. Get the brain to process more efficiently and clearer and your athlete's will take their potential to the next level.